Award-Winning Articles

2015 APA Better Newspaper Contest Awards

1st Place – Best Feature Story Coverage: Winning the battle: How 12-year-old Cooper Tullo battled cancer and won 

1st Place – Best New Feature Story Coverage: Chickens in the Hills  

Blog Posts for GenderReveal.com

10 Epic Parenting Gadgets

Simple Workouts to Stay in Shape Throughout Pregnancy

Fighting Smart: A Guide To Preparing Your Relationship for Baby

Five Delicious Meals for Pregnancy

Planning the Ultimate Family Vacation

How To Get Baby to Sleep Through The Night

The Complete Guide to Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Throwing a Baby Shower on a Budget

B-Metro Magazine Articles

From Screen to Stage: Meet Rooney Frontman
Exclusive interview with actor and musician Robert Schwartzman

Jessie Pitts: A Rising Voice
January 2016 cover story on “The Voice” star Jessie Pitts

My Experience at Adult Space Academy


Making The Magic City
February 2016 cover story on MakeBHM

Rocking Steady
January 2017

The Coal Yard
Restaurant Profile

You Lucky Dog
2016 Feature on rescue dogs

One on One
A print and online column I planned and wrote monthly where I brought together two Birmingham professionals for a filmed conversation.

Starnes Publishing Articles

Triumph through trials
Hoover Sun, June 2014
Kelly Garner: Community Member of the Year
Vestavia Voice, April 2015
But by a miracle
280 Living, October 2013
Rooted in Tradition
Vestavia Voice, December 2014
A crazy kind of love
Hoover Sun, December 2014
A smile worth a thousand words
Hoover Sun, November 2014
Catching the aviation bug
Hoover Sun, November 2014
Through the eyes of a 7-year-old girl
Hoover Sun, September 2014
A miracle mark
Vestavia Voice, September 2014
Golden year for art: Bluff Park Art Show celebrates 50th Anniversary
Hoover Sun, October 2013

The Anniston Star

Preserving a past, securing a future
Special two month project on historical preservation, The Anniston Star, July 2013

 A Taste of India: Cookbook author gives advice to beginning cooks
Interview with renowned Indian chef and author, The Anniston Star, June 2013

It never rains on Renovation: Local ministry brings students and youth to low income neighborhoods


Frizzy haired girl: Do I stay in Birmingham?
Guest blogpost for comebacktown.com, promoted on al.com, August 2013 


I developed a multimedia website that profiles local food projects, food service organizations and restaurants in Tuscaloosa, 2013

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